Reed all about it!

Reed Diffuser Care Guide.

Why choose a Reed Diffuser?

Unlike candles Reed Diffusers require no heat and are flame free. They disperse fragrance into the air naturally 24/7.

Reed Diffusers contain a base oil and fragrance, which is drawn up by the reeds, slowly evaporating and gently filling your home with fragrance.

Positioning your Reed Diffuser

Think of your diffuser as a bunch of flowers, position it where people walk by so that the fragrance is wafted as they pass. Perhaps in a hallway or near a room entrance.

If using the diffuser in a small room use fewer reeds for a more subtle fragrance.

Position the Diffuser out of direct heat, sunlight or draughts, as this will cause faster evaporation. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

We recommend using a diffuser tray or mat under the bottle to avoid any damage to your furniture.

Using your Reed Diffuser

For a fragrance boost flip the reeds occasionally, but not too often as the more often you ‘flip’ the faster the oil will disperse.

Take care when handling or flipping the reeds as the contents may cause skin irritation. If you do get the oil onto your skin, you should wash the area immediately with plenty of soap and water. If you get it in your eyes rinse with water and seek medical attention.

Do not light the reeds and do not ingest.

Always read the safety instructions. These can be found on the base of the bottle.