Our Exclusive Fragrances

Our Exclusive Range is inspired by exotic, exclusive, or bygone locations. They recreate memories of places we've been, places we'd love to visit in the future, and those we'd love to go back in time to. These statement scents echo heady classics, bringing a touch of pure luxury to your home.  



Dark, exotic and mystical: full of middle eastern promise

Rare and revered frankincense and myrrh, known for their healing and restorative properties are blended with rich florals and lifted with sparkling citrus notes of bergamot. Warming amber and vanilla then gently descend into earthy woods and lingering musk.

Why you'll love it...

Wandering hand in hand through the spice market in old Damascus, the sun blazing down, sights and smells bringing your senses alive; a hint of incense and promise in the air as you turn into a cool doorway.

This intoxicating mix of Frankincense, Citrus, Myrrh and Vanilla creates a deep, sensual, warm and relaxing atmosphere in any room.




Floral, warm & sensual

Intoxicating florals of bergamot, lavender and geranium are balanced by fresh eucalyptus and rose, descending into warming sensual leather, musk and sandalwood.

Why you'll love it...

As the sun sets over Casablanca, wandering the alleys is to wander back in time. A thousand feet have walked here before me. Warmth radiates from the walls and on the cooling night breeze bergamot and lavender mingle with perfumed woods and earthy mosses – the promise of a night to remember. 


A sensual, contemporary fragrance celebrating strength, success and heritage.


Delicious fruity top notes of apple, blackcurrant, berries and pineapple sit alongside refined citrus notes of bergamot. Floral mid notes of rose and jasmine blossom, combine with birch, black pepper and patchouli.  A hint of creamy vanilla, musk and woody oakmoss round off this warm, bold blend.

Why you'll love it...

It is said that visitors to Assini experience a sense of inner strength and wellness from the combined aromas of citrus from the Argolid plain, filled with lush orange groves, and the sea breeze coming from the beach.  In April and May the air is filled with fragrance from the orange blossoms and the sound of bees collecting the rich nectar, which creates a delicious citrus flavoured honey.

Set beside clear crystal blue waters, the ancient Greek remains and protective harbour hint at the strength and importance of this once grand port. Exploring its ruins, it’s easy to imagine being transported back to another time, when a temple to Apollo dominated the landscape, rich trade routes created a harbour full of colour, noise and rich fragrances from the citrus fruit and olives, all warmed by the blazing sun of a Greek summer.

Find your sense of inner strength and wellness in Assini.



A wonderfully romantic soft, spicy fragrance combining top notes of rose and pink pepper.


The bouquet then gently shares fruity notes of citrus, blackcurrants and damson with delicate petals of carnation, lily and geranium, before descending into a base of soft warming amber, sandalwood and cedar.

Why you'll love it...

This fragrance was inspired by the Sakura Rose Garden in Japan, where heritage roses from around the globe burst with year-round colour and fragrance. The meaning of roses has fascinated us for centuries, conveying love, friendship, sadness or joy; blend this with the symbolism of Sakura itself and it epitomises this fragrance.

Sakura literally translated means cherry blossom. The fragile blossoms of the Sakura tree (Japanese Cherry) are often described as spring snow by Japanese poets. The blossom symbolises a time of renewal and optimism, the rebirth of nature and purity. The delicate fragrance is wonderfully relaxing, its beauty is short lived and precious, and just like life, should be enjoyed to its fullest.


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