Our Background

A few years ago, on a snowy trip to Norway we visited a craft workshop in the mountains and clumsily made our first, hand-dipped candles. We thought it was just a fun thing to do on holiday but that was it, we were hooked.

We came home and started creating our own range. Initially just pillar candles in a variety of sizes, but I loved the combination of candlelight and fragrance. Wax gently warmed by a burning wick, melting to release glorious scents to fill our home. We experimented with wick sizes and types of wax to create the optimum burn time, then glass colours for the best atmosphere. Next, we sourced high quality oils in spicy, oriental, woody, floral and fruity fragrances, until we settled on our signature range.

Diffusers came next, meaning I could enjoy fabulous fragrances in every room, for weeks. I just had to remember to flip the reeds to refresh them.

My friends loved the fragrances and asked us for hand & body products.

We now include Luxury Hand & Body Wash and a non-greasy Body Lotion, perfect for in the kitchen, even better in the bathroom. Refreshing and uplifting morning showers, leaving you ready for the day ahead or luxurious, relaxing baths enveloped in your favourite fragrance with candles gently flickering, at the end of the day, finished off with body lotion that nourishes and leaves a hint of fragrance on your skin.

Our range now includes hand poured, richly scented candles, diffusers, luxury hand & body wash and lotion for the ultimate experience. 

We’ve come a long way since those Norwegian candles and hope you’ll love our products as much as we do.

CC x

Watch out for our limited editions.