Let’s talk about hands…

We all know that during winter, cold windy weather and central heating can play havoc with our skin, drying it out, especially on our hands! This last year has been one like no other, and our hands are feeling and showing the effects, after a year of hand washing to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus.

It’s never been more important to wash or sanitise our hands. Yet the impact of soaps, cleansing gels, antibacterial gels and sanitising sprays, used so frequently, removes the skin’s protective natural oils, leading to sore, inflamed and in some cases cracked skin, increasing the risk of infection.

As reported recently in the Sunday Times, dermatologists are now seeing a rise in skin conditions and even premature ageing of the hands. Tagged ‘lockdown hands’ rising numbers of patients are seeking treatment for this condition. Our hand washing routine while vital, is taking its toll and is made worse by the winter weather, leading to dry itchy hands, and in some cases eczema.

While we’re all following the ‘ Hands, Face, Space’ guide, some occupations are affected more than others, with staff needing to wash their hands dozens of times a day. Healthcare workers are among those struggling with the effects of extreme dermatitis, with many visiting drop in clinics being set up by dermatologists, especially for them.

So what can we do?

Replacing moisture and keeping that important protective barrier in place by applying moisturisers will help, and there are a huge variety of hand creams and lotions available. But don’t wait until your hands look dry or are itchy, make applying moisturiser part of your routine: wash, dry, moisturise.

Routine - dull, boring? Greasy creams that just don’t rub in? It doesn’t have to be like that…

Our Covered Creations Hand & Body lotions are light, non greasy and easily absorbed. Available in our Signature range of fragrances, they have the added benefit of smelling amazing too. Use on your hands after washing and all over after your shower, to give the rest of you a treat.

But does it really make a difference? Don’t just take our word for it…

A healthcare worker in London received a Covered Creations gift set for Christmas: scented candle, luxury hand & body wash and hand & body lotion. Working in a busy A&E department takes its toll, so she decided not to keep the set for special occasions, or guests, but as she lived alone and while we were all in lockdown, to use them daily to make herself feel better. Her ‘treat’ turned out to have added benefits, her hands had been dry and sore after such frequent washing, but after using the lotion for a couple of weeks she noticed a huge improvement.

She told us ‘ it was light, not claggy or greasy, quickly absorbed and smelt gorgeous and the pump dispenser made it really easy to use. My hands feel so much better and are soft again , it’s not a luxury now, it’s a necessity. I keep the wash and lotion next to the bathroom sink, an added bonus is that they look elegant too.’

- Miss S, London

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