These classic clear glass bottles and elegant reeds will create a subtle long-lasting fragrance throughout your home.

Allow the reeds to absorb the oil and gently fill your rooms with evocative fragrances. For a stronger scent add the matching candle.


Last up to 12 weeks


100ml Clear bottles


6 black reeds per diffuser

Chesterfield Room Diffuser

  • The Fragrance

    Aromatic vintage cologne notes with touch of citrus, lead into a heart of rich sweet tobacco, warm spices and a hint of cognac. Smokey woods of oak, ebony and incense combine with dark musk to complete this fragrance.

  • Why you'll love it...

    Rich warming notes hint at old charm in a sophisticated setting. Evoking images of bygone times at ‘The Club’ or in the library, surrounded by deep leather sofas, over-stuffed fireside chairs, old books and well leafed travel guides.

     A mature, sensual, sophisticated fragrance for your home.