• Easy to Operate - The long flexible neck of this electric lighter rotates 360° in any direction. The long handle ensures easy and safe lighting of jar candles, BBQs and grills


  • Efficient & Powerful - Innovative plasma arc igniting technology guarantees quick and efficient ignition


  • Wide Application - The windproof lighter is incredibly portable and ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Its clean, convenient, and odourless. Perfect for kitchen, fireplace, camping bonfire, BBQ’s and candles


  • Long Lifespan - The electric arc lighter is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery and comes with a blue LED power indicator on the middle of the lighter body. Once fully charged it will provide up to 500 ignitions, perfect for outdoor activities and travel


  • Safety - The electric lighter eliminates the need for harmful substances used in fuel and gas lighters. The safety lock provides excellent protection for you and your child when not in use. Built in safety features ensure the arc candle lighter will not overheat, ignite while charging or short circuit. It's an extremely safe and clean lighter

ARC USB Candle Lighter