Our Story

Welcome to Covered Creations, where every product tells a story of passion, craftsmanship, and a love for exquisite fragrances.

Our journey began on a snowy escapade to Norway, where amidst the majestic mountains, we stumbled upon a quaint craft workshop. There, amidst the serenity of nature, we clumsily crafted our first hand-dipped candles. Little did we know, it would ignite a flame within us that would spark a beautiful journey ahead.

Upon returning home, we were captivated by the magic of candlelight and fragrance intertwining to create an enchanting ambiance. Thus, our quest to create the perfect blend of scent and illumination began. Starting with pillar candles of varying sizes, we delved deep into the art of candle making, experimenting with wicks, wax types, and fragrances until we discovered the essence of our signature range.

Driven by our passion for indulgence, we expanded our collection to include luxurious diffusers, allowing the essence of our fragrances to permeate every corner of your home, uplifting your spirits with every breath.

Inspired by the admiration of friends and loved ones, we ventured into the realm of hand and body care. From our invigorating Luxury Hand & Body Wash, perfect for refreshing morning rituals, to our non-greasy Body Lotion, a treat for your skin after a long day, each product is infused with the essence of our cherished fragrances.

Today, Covered Creations offers a curated selection of hand-poured, richly scented candles, diffusers, and luxurious hand and body care products, designed to elevate your everyday moments into indulgent experiences.

As we look back on our humble beginnings in Norway, we invite you to embark on this fragrant journey with us. From the flicker of candlelight to the delicate embrace of our lotions, each product is crafted with care and love, reflecting the essence of who we are.

Thank you for joining us on this aromatic adventure.

With love,
James and Martyne